Phillips Drilling

Phillips Drilling is a leading provider of safe, efficient and innovative contract drilling, well servicing and strategic support services creating value for our customers. Phillips manages its operations with its field offices in Rising Star, Texas.  Phillips ensures you have the right and most efficient rig for our area of operations.  

Phillips Work-over Service 

Producing oil and natural gas wells occasionally requires major repairs or modifications, called “workovers.” Our workover services are carried out with the same type of rig used to perform maintenance services, although the rig often is outfitted with specialized equipment including rotary drilling equipment, mud pumps, mud tanks and blowout preventers. A workover may last anywhere from a few days to several weeks to accomplish. 

Phillips Core Principals

Phillips core values and Down to Earth strategy have endured and are instilled in the corporate culture. They are key aspects of our approach to business.

From the top down, the commitment to these values helps ensure Phillips is moving in the right direction with a common sense of purpose among its clients.